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6 week class with Amy Berryman

Session A: Sundays
September 10 - October 15 
12PM - 3PM PT | 3PM - 6PM EST | On Zoom 

Session B: Mondays
September 11 - October 16 
4PM - 7PM PT | 7PM - 10PM EST | On Zoom 

For going on three years, I have been helping actors and other creatives learn how to apply their storytelling skills to playwriting. Writing was so instrumental to my growth and healing as an artist, and it's my belief that you don't have to know very much to begin uncovering the stories that are stirring inside you. 

Week 1: I will lead you in writing prompts and guide you through my process, giving you the tools to begin writing intuitively, rather than having to plan everything out before you begin. You will learn and practice antidotes for writer's block and learn writing exercises that will teach you to listen to your characters and create conflict on the page.

Then, each week (after week 1), we will bring in pages to read together on zoom and discuss through structured, supportive feedback. You will learn about brainstorming, structure, conflict, and finding your voice. The goal of the class will be to have over half a draft written by the final week, with a clear structure for the full piece and steps to take in order to complete it. 



"I loved Amy's class! She's a great teacher and helps foster an environment of openness and creativity that makes it easy for artists to dig into the deepest parts of themselves! Highly recommend!"
                         - Kelly Marie Tran

"Amy's class is incredible because she encourages everyone to cultivate their own voice in their writing." 
                                                - Kevin Chrisney

"Amy is a playwriting doula. After a few sessions, I was so much further along with her than in years without her. I learned to trust my acting instincts to tell a story I have been longing to finish."
                                                                                  - Christina Anthony

"I've taken four of Amy's classes, and whenever she offers a new session I jump at the opportunity to learn from her again. Amy teaches from a place of genuine curiosity and care for the craft of playwriting, and her enthusiasm is both palpable and contagious; I always leave our sessions inspired and determined to keep going. She creates a space free from judgment and accessible to all, where every student is a writer just by writing, and each play is handled with the utmost respect. Whether you're deep in editing a draft of a play or simply curious about trying your hand at it, I can't recommend a better guide than Amy! I'd follow her anywhere."
                                                                                          - Regan Moro


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