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(2f, 1m - full length) In the not-so-distant future, climate change has intensified and scientists are recommending that we colonize elsewhere. Cassie, a NASA botanist, returns from her year-long deployment in space and is shocked to find her sister, Stella, a former NASA architect, engaged to an Earth Advocate. As the twins grapple with questions of rivalry and love, humanity hangs in the balance.

Premiere Play Festival 2019 Runner Up

Great Plains Theatre Conference 2019 Selection

Title Wave Festival at Bay Street Theatre 2019

The New Galileos

(4f - full length) Three female scientists find themselves held hostage by the government for their stance on climate change. The play weaves between their current crisis and their pasts, leading them to an interrogation room. What will be the price of their freedom?

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference Finalist 2019

Mach 33 Science Driven Plays Semifinalist 2019

Playwrights Realm Finalist 2019

TRU Reading Series 2019

Three Year Summer

(2f, 3m - full length) Set in 2002, in the early days of the internet, thirteen-year-old Tommie discovers the deep, dark world of online fan fiction. As Tommie watches her parents struggle to rescue their marriage, she grapples with her burgeoning sexuality, taking refuge in her writing, in an imaginary friend who looks a lot like Harry Potter, and fellow fanfic nerd, Pat. A magical coming-of-age story about fandom, betrayal, and family.

Portland Stage - workshop 2019

Nomad Theatricals - reading 2018

The Whole of You

(1f, 2m - full length) Three old friends, Mel, Richard, and Joyce have moved from Kentucky to LA together in pursuit of their Hollywood dreams. Working in a bookstore crammed with dusty scripts and haunted legends - on the edge of becoming who they will be - they confront a shared truth that will test their loving friendship.

Commissioned by Rising Phoenix Rep for their Cino Nights series at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop in LA.


(1f, 1m - short play) Tori Walker has just become the first black woman to win a prestigious playwriting award, and is thrilled to meet her hero at the after party, legendary playwright Charlie Harvard (who’s play did not win). A play about playwriting, privilege, and claiming space in 2019.

Samuel French Off-Off Broadway 2019