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You Are Everywhere in LA Short Film Festival!

This short, which premiered in New York Shorts Fest, is now getting a screening in LA!

NoFilter Cast!

NoFilter Cast!

#NoFilter the Series

Coming very soon!!


Upcoming Public Readings

Monday, March 19th & Monday, April 9th - 7 PM

Is her mom spying on her? Why isn't dad living at home? And Is Harry Potter her boyfriend? This 13 year old has some serious questions.


357 West 36th St, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10018

RSVP: nomadtheatrical@gmail.com

Beverages and snacks will be on hand.

Directed by Melyssa Hall, featuring Lily Cohen, Grant Neale, LeeAnne Hutchinson, Caleb Elias-Reyes, Tyrese Avery